Meter Reading for Residential and Commercial
_ Demand Meters

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___ Visual and Remote Meter Reading
___ Monthly Billing Readings
___ Off-Cycle/Special/Customer Requested Readings

Residential Field Reconnections and Disconnections
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___ 120v & 240v Meter Connections/Disconnections
120v & 240v House Bracket and Weatherhead
120v & 240v Pole Connections/Disconnections

Residential and Commercial Field Collections

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___ Collections of Payments in the Field
___ Residential Only-Disconnection at Meter, House
___ Bracket or Pole Disconnections for Non-Payment

Service Drop Installation and Removal

Residential and Commercial Notice Delivery

Client Revenue Protection

Fraud & Theft Detection and Resolution

Low/Zero Usage Investigations

Residential Meter Installation/Large Scale Residential
_ Meter Exchange Projects

Storm/Outage Restoration/Bucket Truck Services

Street Lighting Services

Basic Meter/Service Repair
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___ Service Cable Replacement
___ Meter Box Upgrade/Replacement
___ Service Panel Upgrade


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